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Defining the Reasons for Achieving Your Mission in Life

The first step to have a fruitful and meaningful life is to develop a list of goals consistent with your mission in life. There is absolutely nothing that gives more clarity and direction to your life and provides you with the courage and motivation to take action, than having a very specific list of goals and a life well-defined. This will remove the complexity of decision making.

This is vital if we want to become much more productive in each of the areas of our lives (personal, professional and spiritual). This will be possible only if we know exactly where we are heading and if we really know exactly what our mission in life truly is. That’s why it’s critical to have well defined mission in life and a clear direction that will allow us to live it fully.

Make a list of your ten most ambitious goals and ask yourself why you want to achieve them. What moves you to want to achieve them? What inspires you to make the decision to declare to the world your mission in life? What makes you impose yourself a pattern of conduct and seek to live according to that pattern? What makes you put your reputation on the line and risking not achieving some of these goals? To all these questions I call them your “whys”.

When we do not know where we are going and why we do what we are doing, we lose our enthusiasm for our work, we feel discouraged and frustrated, we begin to question the price we are paying for the achievement of our goals and we feel that life is passing us by.

That’s why I highly suggest you to start taking the time to identify your “whys”. Your mission in life could be very important, your dreams and goals also, even all the Strategies you’re thinking to put into practice, but, without a “Why” clearly defined, they are all words, ideas and lifeless values ​​and worst of all, decisions without action.

Yourwhys will give value to everything you do in life because you will discover the beginning of your mission, goals and dreams, and above all, the true values that govern your life.

Art Williams – Do It Speech

Here’s one of my favorites motivational video, it’s tittled “JUST DO IT” ~ I hope you enjoy it and inspire you to take action…


Alfred Nobel: Promoter of World Peace

The history of Swedish industrialist Alfred Nobel is a great example of the importance of where we want to go.

In his will, Nobel who died in 1896 – left his life’s purpose defined in the following words: “My desire is to promote world peace and abolish war among nations.” In it, Nobel said his fortune was distributed in five awards annually to those people who have made valuable contributions in the fields of chemical and physical sciences, medicine and literature, and who have worked for peace and harmony among nations.

Alfred Nobel, who was a chemist, had worked for most of his life in the practical improvement of explosives and had invented the dynamite, which was paradoxical in a peace-loving man as he used to describe himself. However, each of the Nobel’s explosives discovered and manufactured, were gradually adopted in the battlefields, to the point that the press was accusing him of supporting and trafficking wars.

However, a tragic event would happen in the life of Nobel that forced him to re-examine his life mission.

It happened that one of his brothers died in an explosion at one of his factories. The newspapers began reporting wrongly that was Alfred who had died. Nobel sadly could not believe what the press had published about him, his life and legacy.

The newspapers focused on the uses of dynamite in war, and the destructions and the deaths that it caused. Alfred Nobel remained sunk in a deep sadness to know how he would be remembered after his death. After reflecting about how his achievements would have ended up in the opposite direction of his true purpose in life, Nobel decided to work to erase this image of a warmonger for a world peace promoter.

Thus today, the Nobel Prize is awarded as the top prize to which one can aspire.

The memory that today evokes the name Nobel and the Nobel Peace Prize, was the result of having taken the time to rediscover his life mission.

Have you ever wondered what your mission in life is, and how would you like to be remembered for?

Identify Your Direction

The most important characteristic of leaders is their clarity of purpose.

As for their mission in life, goals, and objectives they want to achieve; leaders know where they’re going. That clarity provides them the focus, discipline, and other qualities that often characterize them.

To define our mission in life, we have to make sure we have a clear vision of what our purpose in life is. Our mission in life then becomes the focus that guides our decisions, helps us set goals and helps us prioritize them.

Without clarity, there is no unity in our goals, no focus on our actions and probably we’ll work aimlessly.

So, make sure that the steps you take will lead you exactly where you want to go. Find out what your mission in life is and what your purpose of being is rather than merely exist. This vision will be responsible for the clarity on your goals and the realization of your dreams.

History has shown that the success of great men and women have been the result of having taken the time to develop a clear vision of its mission life. Disney summed yours with these simple words: “make people happy”.

Gandhi defined its mission as follows: “by peaceful means I will fight tirelessly against injustice.”

In my case, I have defined my mission in life as follows: “To positively impact the lives of other people with whom I come into contact whenever I can.”

What’s yours?

Double Your Productivity

To maximize your time, the first thing you have to do is to find out what your mission in life is. Discover what you love. This passion will give you a clear and specific vision of how to achieve your desire goals in the shortest amount of time possible.

Throughout history, many of the great successes achieved by great men and women have been the result of having taken the time to develop a clear vision of their mission in life. Walt Disney summarized his in these simple words: “To make people happy.”

All strategies that have worked are the result of strategies based on action and correction along the way. Only action produces changes. A goal that fails to translate in a plan is not a good goal, and a plan that fails to produce immediate action, it’s not a good plan.

The average person doesn’t maximize its potential for failing to take action. So they end up working harder, longer, and often their results leave much to talk about.

The fact that you are reading this right now, tells me that you don’t want to end up like them. So, accept 100% of responsibility for your own success; pay the price, start now to develop your own talent and potential, get rid of excuses, and above all, “TAKE ACTION NOW”



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